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Stay Informed About When Shadowgate: The Living Castle will go up for pre-order and released!

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The Objective

In this game, you’ll explore Shadowgate,  the Living Castle, its keep, towers and mines below, to find relics, spells, and most importantly, the legendary Staff of Ages to bring an end to the Warlock Lord, Talimar, his plans to release the Behemoth, and to subject the world to his reign of darkness! Do you have what it takes to stop him and become the fabled Highlord of Westland?

Game Setup Video
Player Setup Video

Our Goal

As HUGE Shadowgate fans, ourselves, we take making a great adventure game that reflects and respects the source material, very seriously, and we have been play testing the prototype, making sure we stay true to our promise.  Working closely with Zojoi, they seem to be very confident in our ability to bring a quality product to gamers everywhere. 

We are looking to get the Shadowgate the Living Castle game up on a crowdfunding site (more than likely Kickstarter) right around the time of GenCon 2021. We will be in the First Exposure Play Hall all weekend, so if you're in Indianapolis, during that time, come find us and play test this amazing game!  

As we show off more, start advertising more and travel to show the game off, we'll update the website to let you know! Stay tuned!

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Each Player has their own mat that hold their Inventory, Tokens, Equipment, Completed Quests and Death Cards

What's Included in the Box?

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***NOTE: All artwork and functionality is subject to change***

Game Instructions: (Download)

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Exclusive Shadowgate Board Game Music 

Track from SG Composer Rich Douglas

If you have the Shadowgate 2014 soundtrack, it makes for  great atmospheric music while playing Shadowgate: the Living Castle. The composer of that music has made an exclusive track for the board game called "Beyond the Gate" you can download below. 

Beyond The GateRich Douglas
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About the Creator

My name is Chris Gaizat and I'm the Project Lead for the game Shadowgate: The Living Castle. This game came about because we wanted to pitch the "Quests of Shadowgate" card game to a game publisher, but backed out at the last second because we felt it was a good game, but was lacking the 'Adventure Game' aesthetic that made the IP so much fun. With permission from Dave Marsh, and the assets from the 2014 version of Shadowgate in our possession, we recreated the adventure game from scratch, and the above is what we've come up with. 

It has been an honor, and pleasure, to be able to help build on the legacy that ICOM / Zojoi / Kemco has brought us to thus far, and we hope you'll consider backing us on Kickstarter for a great 2-4 player experience.

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